NYGH Members

Bliss, Tina

BlissDesign.com — Finally fulfilling a life-long dream or fiber pursuit, Tina is weaving fiber art wall hangings out of found materials. Her pieces include "memories" from her maternal Grandmother's sewing box and combine old lace, graphite words, audio tape and more. Currently exploring color in rep weave table runners made to order.

Chave, Carol

Tapestry Designer & Weaver, Costumer
Active in New York City and Northern New Jersey since 1999.

Starcevic, Elizabeth

www.estarweaver.com — Elizabeth Starcevic, a professor of Spanish at City College for 40 years, learned to weave in Mexico on a sabbatical. She was bewitched by the wonderful colors, the delicious feel of the wool, the beauty of the fine arts school that she attends there and the talent and patience of her teacher, master weaver Felix Perez Juarez. She has shown her work at several campuses of the City University, in the museum in San Miguel de Allende and various group shows. In November of 2008 she had a show of 40 of her works at The Poet's Den Gallery in New York City.

Vera, Betty

www.bettyvera.com —Betty Vera's artwork encompasses hand weaving, fiber sculpture, and Jacquard textiles. For her, building an image thread by thread is unlike any other art making process; the completed work has a richness and depth not achieved by applying pigment to a surface.

Betty writes, "In weaving, image and physical structure are one. This is what fascinates me about t his art medium. Linear elements such as threads, wood shavings, reed, and other materials provide me with subject matter as well as working materials. Combining cotton, silk, rayon, and other synthetic fibers in my weaving creates intriguing color interactions as well as contrasts in texture and sheen."

A teacher as well as a studio artist, Betty enjoys sharing her love of color and fiber with others, as well as learning new things from her students.