Spirit of Weaving, The

In 2007 The New York Guild of Handweavers presented
The Spirit of Weaving
at the Anthroposophy NYC Gallery, 138 West 15th Street, New York, NY 10011


1. Blanket - Connecticut Tartan Title: Blanket - Connecticut Tartan
Materials - Wool
Artist: Kathryn Hare $100
2. Network Twill Scarf Title: Network Twill Scarf
Materials: Rayon Chenille
Artist: Ronnie Glattauer NFS
3. 3 pieces by Nefer Bovea Title: 1) Red, Black & Green Diamonds; 2) Bouclé style; 3) Rabbit Galore
Material: Cotton, Wool Bouclé. Rabbit fur
Artist: Nefer Bovea $80/$80/$90
4. African Inspiration Title: "African Inspiration"
Material: Wool, Linen, Chenille and Cotton
Artist: Elizabeth Starcevic $1800
5. Echo Title: "Echo"
Materials: 100% Wool Hand Dyed Resist
Artist: Carol Kover NFS
6. Lee's Surrender Title: "Lee's Surrender"
Materials: 8/2 Cotton
Artist: Barbara Kramer $75
7. Waves on the beach Title: "Waves on the beach"
Materials: Linen with Cotton Floss and Mohair inlay
Artist: Darby Downey $250
8. Scarf Title: Scarf
Materials: Mohair, silk and copper wire
Artist: Darby Downey $75
9. Double weave Title: Double weave
Materials: Gray Cotton Warp, Wool Weft
Artist: Rosalind Dépas $450
10. Memories of Rajastan Title: "Memories of Rajastan"
Materials: Silk
Artist: Susan Weltman $200
11. With Apologies to Bridget Riley Title: "With Apologies to Bridget Riley"
Materials: 5/2 Mercerized Cotton
Artist: Pamela Pataky NFS
12. Cliffside Title: "Cliffside"
Materials: Various Wool and other yarns, wool roving, natural objects
Artist: Judy Kapner NFS
13. Turquoise and Coral Borrowed from an Earlier Time Title: "Turquoise and Coral Borrowed from an Earlier Time"
Materials: Cotton Warp, Hand dyed Wool selvages weft
Artist: Darby Downey $200
14. Untitled Title: Untitled
Materials: Purple and White wool Stole
Artist: Kathryn Hare $65
15. Lotus Shoes: In Memoriam of My Grandmothers Title: "Lotus Shoes: In Memoriam of My Grandmothers"
Materials: Polyester, straight pins, thread, Plexiglas
Artist: Joan Pao NFS
16. Memories of India Title: "Memories of India"
Materials: Silk
Artist: Susan Weltman $150
17. By the sea, By the Se Title: "By the sea, By the Sea"
Materials: Cotton, beads
Artist: Terry Henley NFS
18. Woman with Red Healing Shawl Title: "Woman with Red Healing Shawl; Installation #1",
"Woman with Green Healing Shawl; Installation #2"
Materials: Photographs of Artist's Handwoven shawls -
Chenille, Beads with Hand embroidery
Artist: Annette Tacconelli $450 each
19. La Sirène en rouge Title: "La Sirène en rouge (Red Haitian Goddess)"
Material: Double Weave Tapestry with Gray Cotton Warp,Wool Weft
Artist: Rosalind Dépas $1950
21. Untitled - Table Mat Title: Untitled - Table Mat
Materials: Cotton Warp. Wooden Dowels and Cotton Weft, Acrylic Paint
Artist: Terry Henley $100
22. Shrunken Title: "Shrunken"
Materials: Wool and felted Wool, Sheep's locks,excelsior, dried fower
Artist: Judy Kapner NFS
23. Journey: Scotland (2006) Title: "Journey: Scotland (2006)"
Material: Wool, Stones, Shells
Artist: Carol Chave NFS
24. The Gift of the Snake Goddess Title: "The Gift of the Snake Goddess"
Material: Cotton, Rayon, Beads
Artist: Terry Henley $200
25. Rug Title: Rug "A Changing Path"
Materials: Cotton Warp, Hand Dyed Wool Weft
Artist: Darby Downey $200