How can I sell a loom/yarn/weaving equipment?

Listings are for NYGH members only.

Members may list items in the classified ad section in the NYGH monthly newsletter, or on NYGH's Weaver's Exchange online marketplace. Classified ads are free to members. Please complete the online form to list your items.

Not a member? Please join the guild, then complete the online Weaver's Exchange form to list your items. When membership payment is received, your items will be listed.

Alternately, you can list your items on the following online marketplaces:

To encourage interested shoppers, we suggest that you include links to photos, a description of loom, including manufacturer, number of harnesses, number of treadles, weaving width, approximate age and condition of loom, location, asking price, delivery options, telephone number and email address, in your classified. Follow the instructions for links to online photos on the Weaver's Exchange page.