Weaving Linen - British Pathé Video

Published on Apr 13, 2014 on British Pathé Youtube Channel

British Instructional Films presentation. M/S of large rotating wooden machinery which winds fibres. M/S of two women working at machine which prepares the weft yarn for the shuttle - both wear headscarfs. C/U of the rotating drums with large hanks wound around. C/U of the woman's hands as she changes a bobbin on the machine. C/U of the bobbin as the yarn is wound around it. C/U of full bobbins in a basket. M/S of the women at work. The warp is prepared. M/S of a woman in flowered overall linking thin threads to many bobbins. A winding machine draws the threads from the bobbins. C/U of a "reed." C/U of the loom beam with threads coming off it. C/U of woman drawing threads through with a small hook - "threading the heddles." M/S of a loom in operation. C/Us of various parts of the weaving process. Women at work. C/U of a "fern" being placed in the shuttle. C/Us of the machine in operation. M/S of the loom working. Animated diagram shows more clearly the processes involved in weaving. Animation shows how the warp goes over the weft with the aid of the heddles. The role of the shuttle and the reed are also shown.